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Other Additional Services

ES&H can also provide the following additional services:

  • Management training
  • Training of operators
  • Distribution of supplies needed for program implementation
  • Collection of inventory information via paper, fax, modem, internet, or voice mail
  • Pre-qualification of data and error correction prior to analysis
  • Data entry inventory and electronic file submission to SIR vendor of client's choice
  • Timely reaction to reports from SIR vendor (i.e., dispatch maintenance crews, re-train operator on proper record keeping practices, collect further information from site, follow up on maintenance work, insure completion in a timely manner, monitor charges to ensure that they are appropriate [no duplication of work or double-billing])
  • Maintenance of all necessary records for each site
  • Generation of new tank charts when needed
  • Generation of site reports for proof of compliance, proof of tightness, permit process, applications to clean up funds, etc.
  • High level of responsiveness to possible loss situations (i.e., if a location is flagged as showing a possible loss, a telephone call to ES&H initiates immediate access of most current information and a recommendation from ES&H; this saves considerable time and money for the representative in lieu of his/her spending hours reconciling the location, conducting unnecessary tank tests, etc.)
  • Notification of the state, where required, when a location has exceeded the throughput requirements if unexplained (this maintains eligibility for superfund monies)
  • Remotely monitor cathodic protection equipment by collecting rectifier readings as required by state
  • A flexible approach and a customized program tailored to the exact needs and requirements of our clients and operators

ES&H systems keep its client companies' UST information up to date. When a location is being upgraded or new tanks are being installed, ES&H ensures that all new warrantees, installation checklists, and paperwork are in order. Upon completion of the job, ES&H approves and signs off on the job, providing its clients with peace-of-mind before paying a contractor in full.

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Additional Services

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